the 1 Uppers

The 1 Uppers have released our latest music video!

If you have attended a 1 Uppers performance recently,  you may have been treated to our countrified rendition of the Smiths “How Soon Is Now?”. We put together a music video for the song and have uploaded it to YouTube for your enjoyment.

How Soon Is Now?


The 1 Uppers CD is now available!

This CD features 13 songs and is available on iTunes, and at CD Baby. We’ve also provided copies to our friends at KEXP in Seattle, so if you’d like to hear those songs, give them a call or email them and request to hear it!

Now, if you’re asking yourself “…but wait… who exactly are the 1Uppers and what is all this about?”, we can help you with that as well. The short answer is that we’re a country band, composed of six local musicians who have spent a lot of years playing and recording music, and we formed this band out of an abiding love for classic country songs of the 50s and 60s.

Naturally, there is more to the story of the band and the musicians. Head on over to our About Us page and we’ll fill you in.